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Thursday, June 08, 2017
By Melissa Morelli Photography
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How adorable are these two sisters together?  This session was so much fun for me to watch their relationship unfold in front of my camera.  They make each other laugh, know when to hold each others hands and love playing Patty Cake together.  Seriously, such a sweet relationship!  Plus, the backdrop of my favorite beach for photos in Bodega Bay wasn't too shabby either ;)

Due to the crazy wind we weren't able to get a ton of photos on the beach itself...little {S} wasn't a fan on the weather elements (I don't blame her it was pretty insanse!) It is always good to go into a session with reasonable expectations in terms of things that we cannot completely control.  I appreciate my clients flexibility and trust in me during situations like this.  Everything always turns out great in the end...there are always plenty of good photos at the end of it all.

Enjoy this lovely summer session!

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