The {C} Wedding
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Sunday, March 05, 2017
By Melissa Morelli Photography
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I photographed my first wedding 7 years ago.  That lovely day in May I was nervous, I was well-prepared...I cried during the ceremony and I danced during the reception.  After 7 years of capturing these important days and I still go through the same cycle of emotions and actions. I tell myself that it is good to be just means that I care.  I dedicate time to prepping my gear, memorizing names of the bridal party and visualizing the timeline of the day.  I still cry at least once during each wedding, these days its often during the father daughter dance.  And I try my best to dance without getting noticed by the guests :)  

I minimize my wedding photography to no more than 6 weddings per year.  It allows me to give the best and most of me to my clients.  In the end, the new bride and groom have a huge gallery of images of their day and we have a special friendship.  As I often say in my consult meetings, couples spend the most time with their photo vendor on their wedding day and it is important to make sure that your personalities are in sync.  

These images are from a special family oriented wedding last summer....with lots of laughter and dancing.  Just the way it should be.  It doesn't matter how you got where you are, it just matters that you got there.  And this couple did, together.

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