The {C} Wedding
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Saturday, May 27, 2017
By Melissa Morelli Photography
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I am an advocate of making your wedding day your wedding day...meaning, don't fall into the traps of tradition unless you want to. The first day of your marriage should be reflective of the new bride and groom and this wedding was just that :) There was amazing food and drinks from favorite food vendors, music curated by friends and many family and friends close together where you could feel the love (which made clean photography pictures a challenge, but that is perfectly okay with me!)  Plus there was a cardboard cutout of a dear friend who needed to depart fun is that?

I have been lucky enough to know the bride since I was a Freshman in college when she would visit her high school friends (and my college roommates).  We shared a ton of memories over the 4 years together and have stayed in touch through various events and social media since. I remember a few years ago asking my college girls how all their high school friends were doing and they told me  J was dating a nice guy, I asked if we liked him and the answer was a strong yes.  And two weeks ago these two were married.  

Their ceremony was full of personal stories from all perspectives of their relationship.  Everyone laughed.  Everyone cried.  And everyone cheered that these two people are absolutely perfect for one another.  

Cheers to J + B...I hope you are enjoying your adventures in eating and drinking your way through Greece and Ireland!

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