The {O} Family
Monday, January 16, 2017
By Melissa Morelli Photography
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As I was preparing this blog post from a photo session last February, this sweet family contacted me to set-up their 2017 session. Gotta love timing :)  I look forward to seeing how much their two girls have grown when they are in front of my camera again next month!

When chatting with clients via email or on the phone prior to our session the topic of location comes up. It is an important part of the photo session and one that can easily cause a little bit of anxiety with clients who are trying to select the 'perfect' place for their images. I can recommend a variety of locations based on if the clients are looking for more urban setting (i.e. downtown riverwalk in Petaluma or  modern buildings like at the Barlow in Sebastopol) or natural setting (such as Sonoma State with the redwood trees and bridges or Crane Creek park with oak trees and open fields in Rohnert Park).  

However, I often encourage clients to think a special spot to them such as their favorite park, wedding site or even their backyard. Sometimes the best spots are on the side of the road or the side of their house! I believe it is important for photo session locations to be an area where my clients feel comfortable and connected. I often say that where we take the pictures becomes the silent additional family member.  

As you are brainstorming on where to schedule your session, be sure to keep in mind that the physical location is not the most important part of the picture - the emotions from your family are.  Plus, you also need a photographer with a professional camera who understands how to work with lighting and posing :)

For this session we headed to the park in Petaluma directly across the street from their house.  The girls were comfortable and happy, plus it was a quick walk back to the house when we were finished.  And who wouldn't love capturing their family in this beautiful front yard?


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